I don’t know about you all, but I really like sepia. =)

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  1. Steve Holcomb

    Julia, I like these a lot. Have you tried any black & white conversions with some of your photos.


    • juliaelainephotography

      Hey Mr. Steve, thanks very much! Yes, I definitely have done some conversions, and I’ve also shot in b&w. Usually I go ahead and shoot in color and then convert it digitally though, since you can always convert that direction, but not from black and white to color! : )

  2. Julia, have you tried shooting in be and converting to color digitally?
    If you haven’t, try it to see if you can. I always thought you couldn’t but
    I tried with mine and it would.
    Have a great day. Steve

    • juliaelainephotography

      Yes, actually, I’ve shot b/w in RAW, which doesn’t actually make it black and white, just shows up like that in your viewfinder. When you shoot b/w in jpeg, though, you can’t convert to the original colors, can you?

  3. I shoot in RAW so that is why it will go back to color. I guess once you convert to JPG it is set. I love shooting RAW, you have many more options with your pictures and your original is always there. What software do you use to process?


    • juliaelainephotography

      RAW is definitely the way to go for the greatest flexibility. For processing I use Photoshop CS3. I have it mainly to use with some reformatting work I’m doing for my grandparents… but it sure comes in handy for my photography, too! 🙂

  4. CS3, that’s cool. I would love to have the new PS and know how to use it proficiently. I have PS 5 (old, very old) and can’t even maximize it.

    Take care.


  5. love your new photos julia!
    man…get rid of that watermark so that i can steal it for my blog already…


    have a great day~


  6. ooopsie…i meant for that last comment to go with the other set of pics at the top of the page….{this blogging stuff is so new to me} {{grin grin chuckle snort}}

    yes, i love sepia~~~

    a kindred spirit indeed~


  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous sepia images!!! I too love sepia images and have a few on my blog … I enter a weekly meme to push and inspire me to try different things with sepia.

    Gena @ Thinking Aloud

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